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Just like Billy Ray Bates, Justin Brownlee a once-in-a-generation import, says Tim Cone

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Tim Cone feels truly blessed to have stumbled upon an import with the same caliber as the legendary Billy Ray Bates.

The 64-year old Cone heaped praises on Brgy. Ginebra resident reinforcement Justin Brownlee after the Best Import of the 2018 Commissioner's Cup powered the Gin Kings to their 4th Governors' Cup Finals in the last five seasons.

“Life is a lot easier when you have Justin Brownlee around,” said Cone shortly after the crowd darlings defeated 2nd-seeded NLEX in the semifinals, 3-1. “What a phenomenal, phenomenal performance it was by Justin. I’m amazed by it.”

“You could see that coming because you could see the intensity that he had in practice. You could see the intensity ahead before the game. Even at halftime, you know that he will have a big performance,” he added.

“Just phenomenal. In the fourth, [he was] just doing Justin Brownlee things. We had the pleasure of seeing that for five conferences now. Just everytime he comes, it just amazes me even more and more.”

Cone was so impressed with Brownlee's close-out performance against the Road Warriors that he labeled the well-loved American as a once-in-a-generation type of import.

“Justin is playing in the kind of thing that when you look back, and for me, I remember watching a game going live and watching Billy Ray Bates play. As a young kid, that’s still indelible in my mind, being able to say I was there with Billy Ray Bates," said Cone.

"So this is 30, 40 years later. But this is the time where you watch Justin Brownlee and you’ll be able to say, ‘Hey, I watched Justin Brownlee’ just like I watched Billy Ray Bates. It’s the new generation," he added.

“Take advantage when you can. Come see him. He is not going to be here forever but you’ll be able to tell your family, friends, cousins, everybody that you watched Justin Brownlee play. And that’s going to be a special thing."

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