WATCH: Off-Court Battle Episode 1

To master the skill of cooking, you have to try hard and practice consistently. A good meal requires effort and patience, and making sure all the ingredients complement each other. These components are not foreign to athletes, who are masters of discipline and hard work.

We see this dedication with our PBA players, well-known and beloved by our basketball-loving country.

These players are used to competition on a basketball court, but can they take the skills they honed playing basketball to the kitchen?

That’s what viewers will find out in CNN Philippines’ upcoming show, “Off-Court Battle,” which features players from three competing basketball teams going head-to-head in a cooking competition. We’ll see how their cooking skills (or lack thereof) will fare, and see if good teamwork can make an impressionable meal.

CNN Philippines Life sat down with the players to get to know more about them, from their hobbies off-court to their experience with cooking.

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