What happened to Ken Holmqvist?

A good number of Brgy. Ginebra fans are wondering what happened to Ken Holmqvist.

The 6-foot-8 rookie, who was taken 12th overall in the regular round of the Season 46 PBA rookie draft by the Gin Kings, is currently missing in action. He is not on the team’s injured list and not listed on the 3×3 squad as well.

Head coach Tim Cone has been very high on the 27-year old Fil-Norwegian, even calling him a cross between Joe Devance and NBA star Nikola Jokic.

“I think Ken is a lot better than people give him credit for,” said Cone during an episode of SPIN Zoom In.

“From what we can see from him, he is the quintessential European big man: he can handle the ball, he can shoot from three, he can post up. He is not a big-time physical-type player as a lot of European bigs are. They aren’t that physical.”

“We haven’t really seen him in terms of how strong a rebounder he is going to be. But in terms of offensive skills, ball handling, he reminds me a little bit of a right-handed Joe Devance. That’s the way we plan to use him.”

“But the name I’m going to throw out to you, (he) reminds me of a little Jokic. A small version of a Jokic at 6-8. And Jokic took about two, three years before he really started developing into who he was. I think Ken has the opportunity to do that,” explained Cone.

There were reports last November that Holmqvist has been relegated to the 3×3 team. He, however, never saw action in the first conference and his name is not even on the list anymore for the tournament’s second conference which is scheduled to start on February 19.

So again, the question that begs to be be answered is – what happened to him? Has he been released? Does he still have a contract? Is he no longer part of the team? Management hasn’t been forthcoming with this issue but we’re all hoping that they come up with an answer sooner rather than later.

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