Working holidays for Brgy. Ginebra as ‘Finals Trilogy’ with Meralco draws near

The holidays are in full swing with people from all walks of life celebrating and spending precious time with friends and loved ones.

For Brgy. Ginebra coach Tim Cone, however, the days leading to the much-awaited ‘Finals Trilogy’ will be filled with preparation and hard work.

“I just gotta explain to the guys that it’s gonna be everybody else’s holidays, but it’s not gonna be ours. This is work for us,” said the 62-year old American mentor.

“You make your reputations, your contracts, you do all these things when you win a championship. At this point, if you win a championship you’re gonna be able to get your contracts and you’re gonna build your reputation as a player. The Finals is absolutely crucial,” he added.

With the lead time to the championship round coming at a period when families celebrate the moment of being together, the Gin Kings are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to accomplish their goal of reclaiming the crown they lost last year to Manila Clasico rival Magnolia.

“Their families will be upset, my family’s gonna be upset, but they’re all basketball peoples. They understand the game, they understand what it takes. We think we’ll be okay,” explained Cone.

“We’ll find some time, but it won’t be three or four days at a time. It’ll be one or two at some point, and then practice three or four days, and then take another day off and then practice three or four days again. Parang ganyan,” added the league’s most decorated bench tactician.

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